Whiplash Radio – Hosted by our recently sentient playout computer, Fugdora, Whiplash Radio is a format drawn from a decade’s worth of volunteer DJ music libraries.

The Noisesparade – Hosted by the Noiseparader, two hours (or so) of heavy-core, super-hard stuff.

Morning is Broken – No, seriously.  Morning IS broken…  but maybe with some good tunes, sporadic weather updates, and duct tape… we can try to fix it together.

Democracy Now! – Amy Goodman and thirty years of award-winning journalism.

The 8th Day – Two hours of Beatles’ music.

Community Service – Paul Critz and the Redwood Voice Youth Media team, music and lotsa talk.

The Folk Show w/Don Ritter – Vinyl and off-the-map folk tunes with Don.

United Methodist Church – Sunday service (nearly) LIVE from the UMC in Crescent City.

Redwood Voice Community News – Produced by the Redwood Voice Youth Media Team, the ONLY hourlong newscast in Del Norte County.

EcoNews – Ecological news and views, produced by KHUM in Humboldt County.

Health Matters – Hosted by Del Norte Physician Assistant Lynn Szabo, all things health-related.

Jacques TalksSixty minutes of talk, with Jacques and guests!

The Ghost of John Hughes – Three hours of 80s music.

Grassy Knoll – Three hours of 60s tunes.

Into the Fog – Shane McCullough plays his music and talks his life!

The Loose Wig – Jazz music for the Longhairs.

Final Straw Radio – Produced by AshvilleFM, anarchist, anti-authoritarian radio.

Afrosonic Taxi – African-infused World Music from the Pacifica Radio Network.

KFUG Spells Country – We have a massive Country Music Library. We should probably use it.

Mercury Theatre On The Air – Rebroadcasts of classic radio from Orson Welles and the Merc.

Making Contact – Social Justice Radio from the Pacifica Radio Network.

Sea Change Radio – Environmental and economic sustainability from the Pacifica Radio Network.

Project Censored – The news that didn’t make the news from the Pacifica Radio Network.

Rising Up w/Sonali – Produced by women, news coverage rooted in gender and racial justice, from Pacifica.

Latin Waves – Grassroots media from the Pacifica Radio Network.

Sprouts – More grassroots media, this time from Community Radio Stations. Produced by Pacifica.

Between the Lines – Progressive takes on the news of the day from the Pacifica Radio Network.

Counterspin – Examining the media coverage and blind spots therein. From the Pacifica Radio Network.

Barnaby Druthers Mystery Hour – Old-time radio but produced NOW by J. Timothy Quirk.

Gaeno – Indigenous music from Turtle Island, produced by Native Voice One.

Leave It To Fonzie – Oldies.

The JJ Cale Hour – An hour of the music of JJ Cale.

Making Waves – Local/unsigned music.

Point Broke – Surf music.

Catch A Wave – MORE surf music, this from the Pacifica Radio Network.

Rock-n-a-Hard Place – Hard rock/heavy metal.

The UpBeat – Classic ska.

Le Show – Harry Shearer, baby.

The King and YOU! – Elvis Presley.

Rock-n-a-Hard Place – Hard rock, heavy metal.

Wolfman’s Self-Serving Hour of Power – Gary Wolfman is perhaps our BEST DJ. Guitar-oriented rock.

Boogie w/Stu – Two hours of Led Zeppelin.

House of Wax – DJ HeadCayce with two turntables and a microphone.

Live-N-Kickin’ – An hour of LIVE music, in all its forms.

Killing Floor – Blues.

First Wave – An hour from the FIRST wave of punk!

Monkey In A Hat – MORE Punk.

On The Record – Interesting interviews & a variety of vinyl tracks with Paul Critz.

The Fat Slice – Hosted by Paul Critz, an album you need to hear all the way through.

Only Zappa – Two hours of annoying genius.

Syntheclectico – Electronic electronica from Pacifica.

Squirrel Interrupted – Neuro-Queer Info-Dumping, Femme Folklore, and Nostalgic Playlists with Amanda “Gracie” Dockter

SQUIRRELS GONE WILD!!! – Squirrelly Shenanigans After Dark with Amanda “Gracie” Dockter. (Nothing explicit, but the grownups are talking…)

KFUG KIDS HOUR – An hour of early childhood educational content hosted by “Ms. Amanda”… produced in collaboration with Curiosity Corner through the Del Norte County office of Education, Susan Presba-Morris, & Monique Camarena of Redwood Voice. Storytime, music, movement, and mindfulness for the kiddos.