Jacques Talks

Jacques loves to talk, and what’s more, he’s GREAT at it! So great we give him an hour each week to himself (and guest) so Jacques can stretch out and warm those pipes. The show is Jacques Talks. Jacques and his guests explore a myriad of topics – Sex Over 60, Good Grief (as opposed to Bad), Community Engagement, Along the way, Jacques talks with the folks that make life in Del Norte special.

Check out past episodes on the Jacques Talks Youtube Playlist.


Into the Fog

Shane McCullough is a talented guy we met a few years back while doing a feature on the Mental Health Service Center in Del Norte. He writes and records his own rap, much of it chronicling his struggles with mental health issues like bipolar disorder and anxiety. Shane’s tracks are authentic, sometimes harrowing, always tightCheck them out HERE on his youtube page. We were so impressed, we gave Shane is own show, Into the Fog, which you can hear live on KFUG every Saturday afternoon at 2pm.

Health Matters

Physician Assistant Lynn Szabo has been on the frontlines of healthcare in America since the 1980s. She knows what’s what, and she’d like to share her knowledge with you. So, we came up with Health Matters, a half-hour of the latest news from the world of health. Explore the KFUG Community Radio YouTube Channel for ALL the others. (Relive the best days of the pandemic by listening to the DOZENS of COVID shows!) It’s Health Matters, and it matters cuz, y’know, health…

Squirrel Interrupted

Nostalgic Playlists, Femme Folklore, & Neuro-Quirky Hijinks… Hosted by the bundle of neurotic energy known as Amanda Dockter (aka Manna / Gracie)…

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