Here at KFUG we do A LOT of talking, mostly about stupid stuff, but occasionally we manage to actually say something…or, rather, our guests manage to say something.  This is where you’ll find our recorded interviews and podcasts.

A while back, JustPaul hosted an hour of Beer Talk with local brewmeisters Rick White of Port O’ Pints and Chad Hilgenberg of Seaquake Brewery, along with local brew aficionados Michael Glore and Connor Caldwell. The ensuing conversation (and sampling) gets delightfully esoteric and more than a little tipsy! Enjoy!


Keith Shannon was in town to play a gig at Port O’ Pints Brewing Company, a treasured underwriter of KFUG Community Radio, and brewer Rick White brought Keith and a couple of growlers down to the station for some fun and song! Best lunch all week..!


Terri Colton is running for Supervisor, District 5. Why, you ask? Check out the interview…She’s refreshing, informed, and has some real insights!


If you live in Del Norte, you probably have an opinion about Supervisor Martha McClure! In this interview, she joins JustPaul and talks re-election, the future of Del Norte, and why she’s NOT renewing her subscription to the LA Times!


Joan Miles hosts this roundtable discussion of homelessness, specifically the challenges faced by homeless with mental health issues. Guests: Steve Braezill and Celia Perez from Del Norte County Mental Health, clinical psychologist Dr. Todd Roy, VFW Post Commander Jerry Johnson, and Sheriff Erik Apperson.


Dr. Greg Duncan sits down with Joan Miles, Paul Critz, and Sam Strait to talk Sutter Health and the health care of Del Norte County.


Lori Cowan wants to be YOUR supervisor, well, if you live in District 2, that is. She sat down and discussed her vision for Del Norte with JustPaul on Community Service.  Let’s listen in…


Grant Werschkull is THE man when it comes to safe-guarding our pristine Smith River. In this interview, he talks with JustPaul about nickel mining on the North Fork and the State’s plans to designate the Smith as an Outstanding Natural Resource Water.


Recently we hosted Supervisor Roger Gitlin, VFW Post Commander Jerry Johnson, and Sheriff Erik Apperson on Sunday Afternoon Hymns and Conversation with Joan Miles for a roundtable discussion of homelessness in Del Norte County. Here it is…


Robert DeRego talks about being the poorest candidate in this years BOS race, and why that’s IMPORTANT!


Supervisor David Finigan talks about his re-election bid and what it takes to govern Del Norte County.


Supervisor Roger Gitlin talks about his bid for re-election and the future of Del Norte County.


Candidate for District 1 DN BOS Kathryn Murray – The Interview


Linda Sutter sat down with Small Town Talk and discussed why she wants to be the Supervisor for District 5.


Rob raps with the kids in this great interview from The T-Smash Show, discussing his candidacy for Del Norte County Supervisor District 1.


Crescent City City Council Member Blake Inscore is perhaps the coolest guy in local politics. And this year he isn’t running for anything, so the gloves are off! Check out his appearance on Small Town Talk.


Our Sheriff Erik Apperson isn’t just a cool guy or the youngest Sheriff in Del Norte history, he’s also a former KFUG DJ! Here’s an interview with the man behind the badge from earlier in 2016.


Candidate for Del Norte County Supervisor District 5 Bob Berkowitz, as interviewed on KFUG’s Small Town Talk.


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