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KFUG strives to serve our polyglot community with interviews, talk, and, hopefully, insight. Below, you’ll find a veritable herb-garden of local ‘glots,’ along with some of our own, in easily digestible podcast-form. Recorded interviews are posted on this page. Podcasts can be found listed in the Recent Posts and Podcasts and/or the Categories menus to the right. (Hint: Every podcast is assigned its own Category, hence, clicking on the podcast’s listing will bring up a list of all posted pods.) Be sure to check out the Subscribe options on the podcast’s page so you never miss an update!


At the January 23rd meeting of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors, a contentious vote ended a 45 day ban on commercial cannabis…here are TWO interviews from that week’s Community Service w/ JustPaul. The first is with Supervisor Lori Cowan; the second is with Jesse Davis, Chair of the Cannabis Working Group, the people tasked with fashioning our local cannabis ordinances. Suffice it to say, neither of these two are happy with the latest happenings!


Here’s the latest on the Smith River from Grant Werschkull of the Smith River Alliance recorded in December of 2017.


A set of originals performed by Crescent City singer/songwriter Zack Freiwald at Port O’ Pints Brewing Company; AND our first successful web-based remote broadcast! JustPaul talks with Rick White about the expanded Port, and with Zack Freiwald about his music, then he shuts up and lets Zack take it away! Radio GOLD!


Holistic chiropractor, permaculturist, and alternative media maven Dan Schultz discusses our burgeoning technocracy with Joan Miles, Jamie Yarbrough, and JustPaul on Community Service.


USA’s Chair/Principal Margie Rouge sits down with Joan Miles and JustPaul on Community Service and discusses charter schooling and the successes and challenges she’s experienced heading Uncharted Shores.


School’s Supe Jeff Harris talks with Joan Miles and JustPaul on Community Service about rural education and the state of Del Norte schools.


A dark November night. Five guys with axes. WWIV…local heavy metalists, Shacknasty blow the top off the joint and talk about the new CD, Epiphone guitars, metal and more…in its entirety! You’re welcome!


Local metal band Shacknasty rockin’ their tune WWIV LIVE on KFUG!



Supervisor Bob Berkowitz sits down and talks with JustPaul about our county and our nation. Go figure…


Here’s the latest on Sutter Health in Del Norte from Dr. Greg Duncan. Interviewed by JustPaul during the Ocotber 6th episode of Community Service.


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    Sunrise Easter Service – April 1st @ 7:30 am Battery Point Lighthouse, Evangelist: William Hayes. Bring your chair and bible.


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