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KFUG strives to serve our polyglot community with interviews, talk, and, hopefully, insight. Below, you’ll find a veritable herb-garden of local ‘glots,’ along with some of our own, in easily digestible podcast-form. Recorded interviews are posted on this page. Be sure to check out the Subscribe options on the podcast’s page so you never miss an update!

Local guide and all-around good guy Mike Coopman on the potential listing of the Spring Chinook on the Klamath and what that will mean for ALL of us! A great conversation with a great guy…


Kathryn Murray, former CC Mayor/Councilmember and newest KFUG DJ, talking politics and girl-jazz from the 1930s!


Dandy Lion is a guy, right?  This guy who lives in Crescent City and for some reason is glad to bring positivity and good vibes with him everywhere he goes…here’s an interview with The Bearded One about his outlook AND his NEW radio show on KFUG…


Commissioner for the Humboldt Del Norte Film Commission, Cassandra Hesseltine, sits down and talks films, the North Coast, the economy, and just how cool is Brad Pitt, really?


KFUG DJ and cool guy Mike Thornton is getting ready to retire.  His retirement plan?  A sweet-ass VAN!  He took his new ride on an inaugural trip this Winter.  Here’s the story…


Mike Justice of Our Daily Bread Ministries talks with JustPaul on Community Service about the expansion of the rescue mission and homelessness in general in Del Norte.  If anybody can effect real change in the homeless scene here, it’s definitely Mike…check it out!


Wess Nunn and Jamie Yarborough taking over The Occasional Joan Miles Show…


Another episode in the episodic life of The Occasional Joan Miles Show.  Joan and the Crew are joined by Supervisor Roger Gitlin to talk about homelessness in Del Norte.


Here’s an interview with local mental health activist Gordon Clay in which JustPaul and Gordon discuss youth mental health, bullying, and suicide.

While all of California (except us) seems to be burning down – in NOVEMBER! – local Red Cross chair and all-around-good-egg Mary Dorman says it is is NEVER too late to help…and here’s how!


JustPaul sits down with Maryanne Fallman, local homeless den-mother of sorts, to discuss her inside knowledge of the plight of the homeless in Del Norte County…


Every so often, Joan Miles and Jamie Yarbrough take an hour on a Sunday and rant about something. It’s The Occasional Joan Miles Show, and in this, the premier episode, Joan absolutely goes off on the “evils” of Socialism, for some reason…oh, well, it’s community radio.


Say what you will about Supervisor Roger Gitlin, he IS a great interview! Here’s the latest from SRG with JustPaul on Community Service, in which Roger calls for the dissolution of the Cannabis Working Group, among other things…enjoy!


Joe Gillespie on his idea for a pump track in Beach Front Park, as well as the latest on the Del Norte Trail Alliance.

It is always fun when Mayor Blake Inscore stops by KFUG. Here he is talking about the trips to Japan, his vacation back east, the wonder that is Front Street, the intricacies of public funding, and the daily stresses of being Crescent City’s Puppet Master…

Local True North Community Organizer, Mike Thornton, is striving to change our community…with understanding and smart policy! In this interview he explains the latest efforts to refocus Del Norte on the issue of homelessness by getting the BOS and City Council to pledge to END homelessness, not simply mitigate it. He’s garnered the work and support of a committee of locals who feel the same GD way!


Just when you thought the political climate in Del Norte was going to cool for the summer, Jesse Davis launches a recall effort against Supervisors Roger Gitlin and Bob Berkowitz. Jesse sat down on Father’s Day with JustPaul and Sam Strait for TWO interviews…and here they are! First, it’s Snowflakes, our liberal talk hour; then it’s Conversations with Sam, the un-liberal talk hour. But BOTH shows have the same guest: Jesse Davis! Dig in…



The only place on the dial to get indepth political talk: KFUG Community Radio (hey! that’s US!!)…here are the two most recent interviews to add to the political playlist: First, from Community Service w/JustPaul, it’s a conversation with District 4 incumbent, Gerry Hemmingsen. He talks about his years on the board and why he wants at least one more spin; then it’s a conversation with contender Dave Mason from Sam Strait’s Conversations with Sam. Dave discusses his vision for the future of Del Norte with Sam and Angelina Countess-Bieber.



As the political seasoning heats up in Del Norte County, KFUG does what it can to stir the pot, hosting candidates and incumbents alike. Here are TWO interviews that contribute to the local politics goulash: The first is with Del Norte County Supervisor, District Three, Chris Howard. He appeared on Community Service w/JustPaul and talked about his time in office and just why he’d like even MORE time in office. The second interview is with Jake Smith, who is seeking to unseat Chris Howard on the Board of Supervisors. He joined Sam Strait for one of the Conversations with Sam, which airs Sundays at 3pm on KFUG Community Radio…enjoy!




At the January 23rd meeting of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors, a contentious vote ended a 45 day ban on commercial cannabis…here are TWO interviews from that week’s Community Service w/ JustPaul. The first is with Supervisor Lori Cowan; the second is with Jesse Davis, Chair of the Cannabis Working Group, the people tasked with fashioning our local cannabis ordinances. Suffice it to say, neither of these two are happy with the latest happenings!


Here’s the latest on the Smith River from Grant Werschkull of the Smith River Alliance recorded in December of 2017.


A set of originals performed by Crescent City singer/songwriter Zack Freiwald at Port O’ Pints Brewing Company; AND our first successful web-based remote broadcast! JustPaul talks with Rick White about the expanded Port, and with Zack Freiwald about his music, then he shuts up and lets Zack take it away! Radio GOLD!


Holistic chiropractor, permaculturist, and alternative media maven Dan Schultz discusses our burgeoning technocracy with Joan Miles, Jamie Yarbrough, and JustPaul on Community Service.


USA’s Chair/Principal Margie Rouge sits down with Joan Miles and JustPaul on Community Service and discusses charter schooling and the successes and challenges she’s experienced heading Uncharted Shores.


School’s Supe Jeff Harris talks with Joan Miles and JustPaul on Community Service about rural education and the state of Del Norte schools.


A dark November night. Five guys with axes. WWIV…local heavy metalists, Shacknasty blow the top off the joint and talk about the new CD, Epiphone guitars, metal and more…in its entirety! You’re welcome!


Local metal band Shacknasty rockin’ their tune WWIV LIVE on KFUG!



Supervisor Bob Berkowitz sits down and talks with JustPaul about our county and our nation. Go figure…


Here’s the latest on Sutter Health in Del Norte from Dr. Greg Duncan. Interviewed by JustPaul during the Ocotber 6th episode of Community Service.


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