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KFUG Bumper Sticker designed by our own 408er!

The KFUG bumper sticker designed by our very own NoiseParader!  Get yours today!!

Help SUPPORT Community Media!!  Support KFUG!  We are staffed by mostly volunteers, the majority of whom do what they do cuz they enjoy doing it!  Every cent we raise goes right back out to corporate America (and our local water dept); and we never seem to be able to raise enough, so your support is very, very, very much appreciated!

Support KFUG to the tune of $20 or more and receive your very own NoiseParader-designed, brain-exploding bumper sticker!

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  1. To my son Joseph Abujawdeh in C yard in Peculican bay State prison went to visit him after 2 years this song is for u I will be missing u 2 pac I love u mi amor

  2. Please play this song for my brother Sergio Abrego in PBSP and all the inmates there is hope do not give up love u my brother – Caja de muerto – Saul Viera. Thank u

  3. Good Day KFUG,

    Thanks for taking the time to read this note….
    My name is Phil Bytheway and I have a passion for radio/TV station stickers (bumper, window, window cling, phone and mailing labels). I have a collection of over 42,000 and am wondering if your station(s) has any stickers available at this time?
    I also trade with around 10 folks around the World. In addition to stickers, I also collect magnets, key chains and buttons (pins).
    If your station has any of these items (old or new), would it be possible to send some my way (for stickers, more than one for the folks I trade with would be nice… but ONE is better than NONE!) I’m shooting for the biggest collection in the US.
    I have recently retired from an Electrical Engineering career and did some volunteering at our local Classical music station KING-FM (yes, they have stickers.)
    I also publish a newsletter for radio/TV promo collectors, called DecalcoMania, 10 times/year. Send me your e-mail address if you want to see a sample copy and I’ll send one out right away.
    My mailing address is: (email:

    Phil Bytheway
    9705 Mary Ave NW
    Seattle WA 98117-2334

    Thank you for your time… I KNOW you’re busy
    God Bless…

    Phil Bytheway

    PS:If you are the wrong person to send this to, please forward it to the correct person… thanks.
    PS: Radio World about my collecting:
    PS: If I have any of your stations’ stickers in my collection, I would be willing to email scans in exchange.
    PS: If you prefer, I can send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (or donation) to help out. Just let me know what size, postage and an address and I’ll get it to you right away.

  4. BROOKINGS, Ore. — Local nonprofit leaders and the community are invited to attend this month’s Third Thursday Luncheon to hear Curry County Sheriff’s Captain Michael Espinoza describe his department’s vision for reinstating the Community Service Program in Curry County, and how local nonprofits can get involved. The luncheon is from noon to 1:30 p.m. Thursday, May 19, in the large meeting room at the Chetco Community Public Library, 405 Alder St., Brookings. Lunch is provided. Please RSVP online at

    Monthly nonprofit leaders luncheons are co-hosted by Wild Rivers Connect, an online networking resource for Wild Rivers Coast nonprofits, social groups, and community organizations; and the Wild Rivers Community Foundation, a foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life in Curry County and Del Norte County, California. Wild Rivers Community Foundation is an affiliate of Humboldt Area Foundation.

    For questions about the May 19 luncheon, please call Kathleen at 541-661-1385 (email or Nancy Raskauskas-Coons, Communications Manager at Wild Rivers Community Foundation at 541-412-6277 (email

  5. Check out the T-shirt. Heard the idea came from Wierd Wayman wearing a bumper sticker on his favorite BVD for 3 weeks without knowing it. carry on the good work.
    Mike Noon.

  6. Seriously, guys: this is one of the best radio stations in the country !! Yes, I’m a 60s “child” and the music you play is ever-inspiring and springing the spring of life alive again, just wonderful (especially the vinyl tracks where you can hear the stylus making its way through the songs, just wonderful).

    Thanks a bunch for keeping the dream very much alive :-)….

  7. Quick question Paul:

    If I email you an mp3, can you play it on air? I have some great tracks to share, but they’re all on mp3 now (I gave all the CDs to my kids).

    If so, what’s the email address I should use?

    Take care,

    Ulf Wolf

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